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Dev-Vision Advanced Timer

Dev-Vision Advanced Timer

Dev-Vision Advanced Timer Publisher's Description

Advanced Timer is designed to function as a system monitoring and action trigger, based on time, folder size, process, XML file or any other functions developed later by Dev-Vision. It can shut-down or restart the system, log off the user at a certain time, a specified folder size, at a process activity or DoAction XML file value. The Timer can run a file (files associated to certain programs or programs with or without arguments, display and read a message and play a .wav file, based on the monitored actions' status.

Advanced Timer Main Features:

  • Can trigger Windows actions like Turn off computer, Restart computer and Log-Off user.
  • Can launch files
  • Can run programs with arguments
  • Can display a message and read it
  • Can play a .wav sound
  • Can be set up to trigger the events based on date and time, delay, folder size, process action or XML file modification
  • Can monitor the date and time and trigger the selected action
  • Can monitor a folder size and trigger the action when the folder size meets the selected criteria
  • Can monitor a process and trigger the action when the process starts, ends, changes PID or title
  • Can monitor and see if a process starts or restarts
  • Can be controlled remotely using a standard XML file
  • Can be attached to another process so that the process runs its own Advanced Timer
  • Uses less than 2 MB of RAM in minimized in system-try mode
  • Can synchronize the computer's clock with the Atomic Clock on-line
  • Keeps a log of every action and event
  • Detects the NTFS partitions and warns the users about setting up the folder size for the folders on NTFS partitions
  • Can monitor more triggers at once

The full version of this product ships with the Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0 and with the Microsoft Windows Installer 3.1 (v2) for x86.

For more information regarding this product, please visit the Dev-Vision web site or the program's related page.

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